Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The preconceived dawn arrives,
Shredding hopes,
Slicing dreams.
Resplendant under the visage of avarice.

Beauty is left flickering
In the eye of a brooding leopard.
Dawn has gone blind,
Just salivates for the lie.

The mind is dry as bones,
Doesn't even look for a cure.
Cobwebs of the soul
Have million holes.

The earth, it wants to leave,
Wanton whoring, capricious greed.
Even the shadow of the moon
Is better than this.

Agony hates itself,
Too proud to call for help.
Trees are felled
For books that aren't read.

Nothing is ever enough.
Hearts don't skip a beat,
When violins lose their strings
And birds no longer sing.

Daily dose of sleep
And a pill to digest sin.
Neon sky sheds it light, and
Embraces the void with a smile.

Bad hearts devour mad hearts.

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