Friday, April 30, 2010


Let us be madmen,
Because sanity sells its flesh on the streets.

Let us be mad,
Because reason usurps even the last morsel
From the orphans' mouth,
To drape its gilded palaces
With the glitter of inanimate metals.

Let us be mad
And talk to the walls at night,
Because the ears of sanity,
Hear only the jingle of coins
And the applause of the herd.

Let us be mad
And ravage through the sands of time
To discover a forgotten tune,
Because reason will only throw the sand
Into the eyes of those
Who dare to peep into its soul.

Let us be mad,
But let us not forget to pin our hopes
Onto the walls of tomorrow,
As reason will only use the pins
To puncture those hearts
That still beat,
That still bleed.

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