Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mary Jane

Long have you been my muse
But its time to depart
And return to the path.

You led me
To every unfurling of sorrow's joy.
Mystic, like a mythic boat,
Luminous divinity in every vein,
The searing seer, tearing through life.

You filled the abyss with your void,
You built my dreams, gave me voice.
But there was a price to pay
The smirk was too graceful to realise.

The lithe in every music's lilt,
The cosmos in a morning dew.
Enigma in every particle,
Eternity in an ephemeral flash.

Alternating between realities,
Mind awakening in deep sleep.
Senses not making sense,
Cocoon exploding, consuming itself.

A grain of sand fulfilling every need,
Every breath, every goal, all my soul.
Like a misty lover you embraced,
Hovering space in every while,
Crumbling time, no reason, only rhyme.

Between the pages of dawn and dusk
You led my mind's exodus.
As high as the fall was deep,
No shame or guilt in new territory.
Pride against humility in every strife,
While the world was left naked behind.

Alone again, my sweet Mary Jane.
But I am scared no more nor afraid of the game.
You taught me to watch, not to run,
But also asunder you sent my mind.
It took a while to collect the pieces,
My life I renew, goodbye my friend.

1 comment:

Vipul Goyal said...

Mary Jane, is a damsel, in distress. But also a playmate for the reckless rest...