Sunday, June 13, 2010

Unborn letter

All the unwritten letters in my head
Leave my heart cold.
Wish i could make a bonfire out of them;
Maybe that will give some warmth.

I don't know why I don't write them.
Maybe because I fear;
Fear that you will not care
To read between the lines.

Or maybe i fear;
Fear that you are too busy
To savour a little bit of idleness.

What good will it be?
It won't give you usefulness,
nor function, nor fruition.

But i still hope
That oneday i will write them.

I still hope;
Hope like an incessant stream,
Almost trickling,
But never quite drying out.

I still hope that maybe,
Against the current,
It will just somhow manage
To reach the void in your heart;
Which, i hope, is still there.

That maybe you will still
Allow a teardrop of tenderness
To fall from the page
Onto your soul.