Thursday, November 17, 2011

One last time

Do not love me

For love has consequences that you may not like

Do not love me

If your love is hesitant

If your love is afraid

Afraid to be buried under a wintry snow

Or scorched by the summer

You say you love me

Does the love disappear when everything is gone?

You say you love me

As much as the song bird that loves the song

And the music that the wind carries in its soul

Would you love the music if the wind swept off everything else?

Do you love like the cicada

Which cries for its mate with crimson eyes?

And in the process

Burns itself out with passion

You ask me why I am this way

And in vain I try to conjure

A million words to explain

That which is so simple

But I will try one last time.

Do you know what it is to love?

What it is to love with burning passion?

Do you know what it is to carry the flame?

Do you know what it is like

When there is no one else to share the fire?

Do you know what it’s like

To keep the flame all to yourself

Till there is no choice

But to burn yourself out?


gautam maitra said...

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Meghana Naidu said...

A long winding google trail brought me here, began at "the dewarists" and landed on indian guitar tabs.

and what should i find but a fellow poet & music head.

My husband is a singer and music lover and he's been looking for someone to jam with. you'll find him at

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Meghana Naidu said...

Im enjoying reading you. Its been a while since i've come across someone with good, quality writing on blogger. love how you use your words.

Harish said...

Brilliant. Enjoyed it. Also felt good to come across your blog after a long time.